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My first delivery had unexpected complications and I wanted to try to prevent these and have the courage to have an unmedicated birth if possible. Yes, having a doula helped me have a healing & more empowering birth experience. Mary Susan provided resources, encouragement, and support that I carried with me into the birthing room. I would specifically recommend her because of her willing to share her faith in her work.


“Through all this, I was so glad to have a doula. I never had false labor with my first; I had contractions that started and never stopped, slowly intensifying over 40-some hours until I gave birth. This pregnancy had been so different, and I felt betrayed and let down by my body again and again. Mary Susan kept reminding me: Every contraction was preparing my body for labor. It might not be dilating my cervix, but it is all preparation to bring my baby into the world. Her support to trust and work with a body that I felt had failed me over and over throughout my pregnancy—when I felt weak; when I felt scared—was invaluable.”

Dana – Distance Doula Client