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Mary Susan provided us virtual doula support, as we (unfortunately) live a few states away from her. Despite the distance, I still felt that I recieved as much support as I wanted and would have expected for in-person support. 

Mary Susan was kind, extremely knowledgable, funny, personable, and encouraging in ways I didn’t realize I needed. I particularly valued her call with me about choosing my hospital birth plan options and the discussion she had with my husband about partner support (during birth, I caught my husband looking at some of the notes he’d taken from talking with her and he knocked it out of the park as far as support goes, so she prepared him SO well!).

Virtual Client


100 times yes hire a doula! Mary Susan in particular is such a kind soul. She really cares about her clients and gives the most honest and pure support. Not being able to have family at the hospital due to the pandemic would have been exceptionally difficult if Mary Susan weren’t there to help guide us through.