Bring Your BRAIN to Birth

There’s a popular acronym in the birth community that I absolutely love. It’s just as simple as remembering to bring your BRAIN to birth!

When making any decision prenatally, during labor, or even postpartum, run it through this rubric:

Benefits – What are the benefits of making this decision? Whether it’s scheduling an induction, trying a new prenatal exercise video, or deciding whether or not you’ll opt for an epidural, take a minute to think about what good the intervention or decision will do you.

Risks – What are the risks? Are there any ways this decision could negatively impact your pregnancy or birth? Does it line up with your birth plan or could it potentially set you off on a path you’d rather avoid?

Alternatives – What other options are on the table? Sometimes thinking outside the box is just what the doctor (or midwife) ordered!

Intuition – What does your gut tell you? If you’re not feeling peaceful about a decision, take note. It’s important to validate your intuition and trust your instincts.

Nothing – What happens if you do nothing? Sometimes the best decision is no decision at all or just to wait for an hour and then revisit it. In many instances, just giving yourself some time can help you sort out pros and cons and feel confident in the direction your birth is headed.

That’s it! Short and sweet…just like I hope your labor will be! 😉

If you want to get your hands on a BRAIN birth shirt like this one, head over to The Birth Shop on Bonfire…she’s even got it on a mug, which would be perfect for a home birth, eh?

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