What I Believe

I believe that birth is safe, natural, and good.

I believe that women possess the innate ability to birth and birth well, and that ability should be recognized, honored, and valued.

I believe that birth partners are strong, capable, and powerful.

I believe that knowledge is power and that all families should have access to unbiased, evidence-based research when planning their births.

I believe that there is no “best” way to birth. This is your body, your baby, your best birth.

All women should have access to a doula if they want one.

I believe that birth is a life-altering moment in the story of a family, a memory that they will carry for the rest of their lives. As such, it should be valued and protected.

Above all, I believe that birth matters. How we enter the world matters. The way in which we bring forth new life matters. It all matters deeply and I’m proud to be a part of such a profound event in the lives of families and of our world.

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