New Services: Preparing for Postpartum Session

The postpartum period can be tricky, often wrought with doubt and uncertainty as parents get to know the personality of their new baby and figure each other out. Lack of sleep makes things even more overwhelming and when both partners are stretched thin and experiencing intense emotions, communication can be a struggle. First time parents may not know what to expect during their immediate postpartum period and families having subsequent babies may feel overwhelmed by the thought of adding another gear to the machine. It’s a lot.

Let’s take a deep breath.

There’s no magic pill or fool proof system to make postpartum perfect. I always say life is like labor, transition is the hardest part. Bringing a new baby into your world is the ultimate transitional phase of life, yet it doesn’t get the focus it deserves. Most would agree that it is incredibly important (or at least very beneficial) to prepare for labor. Culturally, we encourage expectant parents to prepare for childbirth by reading books, studying comfort measures, and learning as much as possible about the process so that they can make educated decisions about their care. We don’t usually recommend that people go into labor blind. At the very least, we hope that expectant parents will take a tour of the hospital, familiarize themselves with their childbirth options, and so on. And yet, most postpartum preparedness is left to baby showers and anecdotal experience from friends and family. I believe firmly that we must prepare for postpartum with the same thoughtfulness and research with which we approach birth.

This is why I’ve created my Preparing for Postpartum sessions. I can’t guarantee that postpartum will necessarily be easy, but it doesn’t have to be completely miserable, either. Creating a plan ahead of time is a great way of getting a jump on potential issues and ensuring that you’re as prepared as possible for any challenges that might arise.

So, what will you get in a Preparing for Postpartum session? For $100, you get 1-2 hour virtual or in person session. I’ll facilitate conversation between you and your partner to ensure that you’re on the same page as you approach your postpartum experience. Preparing for Postpartum sessions are an opportunity for you and your partner to have open conversations about communication, make a sleep plan, nail down logistics about pets, organize meal plans and childcare, and more. We’ll go over your worries and fears and talk through practical approaches to common postpartum problems. You’ll also receive a 15 page Preparing for Postpartum PDF workbook, including pages to help you get your plan down in writing and a handy Postpartum Preparedness Checklist to ensure you’ve got lists of helpers, therapists, lactation consultants, and meal plans all in one easy to find place.

Preparing for Postpartum sessions are a gift to your future self…or a even great baby shower present for those expectant parents you love! Paired with a Birth Brainstorming session or on their own, Preparing for Postpartum is an investment that is sure to help parents approach the newborn phase with confidence, gentleness, and excitement.

Postpartum should be a time of tenderness. What was broken open must be healed. What brought forth new life must be tended to and gently protected. Who you were before this birth is no longer who you are now. It is imperative that you take time to reorient yourself to who you have become after your birth experience: as a woman, as a man, as a family, as a human beings in a state of growth and flux, the exact parents chosen for this particular little soul. 

You can do this.

We can do this, together.

Remember, you’re not alone even if it feels that way. Together we can make a plan to create a truly beautiful postpartum experience.