Baby Shower Gifts…With a Twist!

Taking time to shower new parents with thoughtful gifts is one of the brightest spots in pregnancy for both expectant parents and their friends and family. Who doesn’t love to peruse a registry, marvel at how many gadgets babies “need” these days, and pick out snuggly sleepers and footie jammies? However, there’s only so many clothes one baby can wear and maybe you’re the creative type looking for a baby gift that’s off the beaten path.

Search no further, my friends! I’ve compiled a few ideas that are sure to dazzle at the shower and show the new parents how much you care. Read on for all my ideas!

Medical Munitions and Bath Time Basics – New parents can often feel overwhelmed by the number of remedies, salves, and creams that exist for the care and keeping of their new babe. Putting together a basket of commonly used items is thoughtful and a huge help to new parents. Nobody wants to be making tough decisions in the baby gas relief aisle at 2:00 in the morning, am I right?

Some great things to include are:

  • a high quality thermometer
  • a baby nail care set
  • gas relief drops
  • diaper rash cream
  • a nose suction set such as a bulb syringe or Nose Frida
  • teething tablets and/or pain relieving gel for little gums
  • additive free baby soap and lotion
  • infant pain reliever like Tylenol or Motrin – Even better, print out a copy of the most recent dosage information to include for quick reference

This gift bundle would look so cute packaged in a baby bathtub. Toss in some wash clothes and a hooded towel and you’re set!

Laundry Quandry – Want to help out with all those adorable new duds? Stock up on laundry essentials and the new parents will be eternally grateful. I received such a gift from a dear friend when I was expecting my first. She also included a dogeared copy of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding that had been passed on from friend to friend and it’s still one of my most treasured gifts.

Want to jump on this idea? Snag a cute laundry basket and toss in:

  • additive free laundry detergent such as Seventh Generation or Dreft
  • stain remover (breastmilk poop. nuff said.)
  • baby hangers
  • a few new bibs and socks (to replace all the ones sure to be eaten by the dryer)
  • a mesh garment bag for those socks to be washed in (in hopes that maybe they won’t lose too many tiny socks)

Survival Mode – It’s all well and good to buy essentials for the baby, but few people remember Mom and Dad. I’m an outspoken proponent for planning for postpartum, so why not make a gift of it?

A survival mode basket could include:

  • new mugs for the parents-to-be – bonus points for the mugs that stay hot for a long time and have sturdy lids
  • lots of their favorite coffee or tea – if mama is breastfeeding, be sure to add Mother’s Milk tea
  • snacks you can eat with one hand – granola bars (chewy is better so baby doesn’t end up covered in scratchy crumbs…ask me how I know), lactation cookies, packages of crackers, trail mix, etc.
  • gift cards or spending money attached to a quick reference restaurant guide to delivery options in their area
  • gummy vitamins for replenishing those depleted vitamin and mineral stores
  • new slippers and cozy socks would also be fun additions.

This would be such a fun gift to receive, especially if it came in a caddy with a handle. Pack the caddy with the essentials, leave space for the tv remote and parents’ phones, and they can just move it around the house as needed. Easy peasy and such a thoughtful gift.

Hospital Necessity Bag – I’ve given this gift to a few new moms and it’s always met with much appreciation. Whether you’re preparing for your first birth or it’s not your first rodeo, it’s often hard to remember what to toss in that hospital bag. Even if you do know what you’d like to take, there are always a few things that are last minute additions and it’s so easy to forget your toothbrush on the way out the door…unless you’re gifted one of these bad boys.

I like to buy a cute toiletry bag, preferably one that’s see-through so partners aren’t digging blindly through a bag while their ladies are waiting (patiently?) for an item they need. I fill it with:

  • lip balm
  • gum and mouth wash – This might be more for partners when the birth goes into the wee hours and everyone’s breath gets a little stale. No laboring mama wants to breath deeply in a room full of bad breath.
  • hair ties and head bands
  • travel sized toiletries like tissues, shampoo (dry or regular), conditioner, lotion, makeup remover, etc.
  • a battery operated phone charger that’s ready to go
  • nipple cream
  • If you’re shopping for a close friend, you could always add in witch hazel, Tucks pads, hemorrhoid cream, or stool softener…you know, just to be a pal.

The toiletry bag can be paired with cozy socks, cute slippers, and even a pretty new robe or a new shade of lip gloss…anything to make mama more comfortable and feel like herself in the hospital.

Give the Gift of Birth Preparation – Shameless plug alert! As I was writing this post, I actually had a friend contact me about gifting some new parents with one of my Birth Brainstorming sessions. I love the idea so much!

Birth Brainstorms are very casual meetings held in the clients’ home. We cover a lot of information and work through a questionnaire aimed at helping couples identify their birth goals, navigate decision making, explore how to effectively communicate with one another during labor, and generally get the best support possible from each other and their birth team. This is a great gift for first time parents who would appreciate time with an unbiased third party and the opportunity to ask questions, try out positions, discuss fears, and nail down their plans. If parents decide to add on birth services after their brainstorming session, I’ll deduct the cost of the session from their deposit, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Those are all of my most creative shower gift ideas…at least for the moment. What do you think? What did I leave off the list or what’s the most fun/creative/helpful gift you received while pregnant? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

As always, thanks for visiting Bright Birth and happy birthing!


Mary Susan