My first delivery had unexpected complications and I wanted to try to prevent these and have the courage to have an unmedicated birth if possible. Yes, having a doula helped me have a healing & more empowering birth experience. Mary Susan provided resources, encouragement, and support that I carried with me into the birthing room. I would specifically recommend her because of her willing to share her faith in her work.


“Through all this, I was so glad to have a doula. I never had false labor with my first; I had contractions that started and never stopped, slowly intensifying over 40-some hours until I gave birth. This pregnancy had been so different, and I felt betrayed and let down by my body again and again. Mary Susan kept reminding me: Every contraction was preparing my body for labor. It might not be dilating my cervix, but it is all preparation to bring my baby into the world. Her support to trust and work with a body that I felt had failed me over and over throughout my pregnancy—when I felt weak; when I felt scared—was invaluable.”

Dana – Distance Doula Client

We’ve had 4 babies. 2 with doulas and 2 without. The 2 with doulas had a sense of peace and calm in the hectic atmosphere. Mary Susan brought reassurance and support and even joy.

My biggest fear was the delivery would not go smoothly and I would not know what to do. This was based on experiences of our first child where decisions were made in panic and there was no calm third party person.
It was helpful having someone else in the hospital who was not as emotional as me. My wife would never be alone and someone could advocate for her hopes if I had to run to move luggage, park a car, get other kids or go to the bathroom. I’m glad my wife was never alone.


I wanted a doula out of excitement more than fear. I didn’t go into this pregnancy with a huge amount of fear. Labor always makes me a bit anxious, but I was excited about extra support.

It was helpful to have encouragement, kindness and support to make the decisions that were perfect for me in my individual journey and I appreciated the ability to fully connect with my husband during the process.

Hiring Mary Susan helps you focus inwardly on your journey. She helps you realize what you’re capable off and what will work best for you!


You absolutely must have a doula!!! Mary Susan was absolutely phenomenal. She was such a delight and extreme comfort to have in the room with me. She, unlike nurses or midwives, had absolutely no other agenda but to focus on me and make sure I was mentally, emotionally and physically doing well. Birth is a mental game. A beautiful birth requires a gifted coach in the corner and though my husband is obviously super cute, he doesn’t quite know the mental battle & unbelievable pain of birth & couldn’t be all the support I needed.


Being alone & left in unbelievable pain was my greatest fear. That was my prior experience which left me horrified. She made me feel soooo brave and calm and I was never, ever alone. I felt such joy compared to my last experience which left me full of anger & fear. And she had an extra nose ring which saved the day!